Thursday, January 29, 2015




Fedora - epia

Hans Hair - BURLEY

Kenzo Skin - The Shops

Ear Cuff - glow

Simple & Steking Mesh Ears - MANDALA

Eagle Bolo Tie - ISON

XIV Under Shirt - Kauna

Vintage Ponco - SEUL GARCON - (TREND3)

Dirty Ripped Jeans - Breath

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Creators Collection Box, The Fantasy Collective, The Mens Dept, Project Limited, The Season Story, & The Secret Affair.


Starfish Bindi - Beusy - (The Fantasy Collective)

Osiris Tattoo - Bolson - (The Mens Dept)

Stag Necklace - Reckless - (Project Limited)

Tetra Bead Chain - Bad Unicorn(Project Limited)

Aether Shirt - PEQE - (The Secret Affair)


Thursday, January 22, 2015


Group Gift, Kustom9, Men Only Monthly, The Mens Dept, & Project Limited.


Jan Hair - - (2015 Group Gift)

Tetra Bracelet - Bad Unicorn - (Project Limited)

Praying Bag - Bleich - (Kustom9)

Tim Cardigan w/ Scarf - AMERICAN BAZAAR - (Men Only Monthly)

My Biker Jeans - monso - (The Mens Dept)

Padded Lounge Sneakers - Wonton(Kustom9)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


The Chapter Four & The Seasons Story.

Cafe Latte Gacha - xin - (The Seasons Story - Gacha)
Includes The Following Items
xin. ca phe sua da
xin. cafe latte sign
xin. cafe stool
xin. cafe syrup jar
xin. cafe table set + RARE
xin. cake slice packaged
xin. chai tea
xin. coffee bean display crate
xin. coffee bean display stand + RARE
xin. coffee bean jars
xin. coffee bean jars w/ frames
xin. coffee cup
xin. coffee grinder
xin. coffee syrups
xin. coffee tray + closed
xin. coffee tray + open
xin. counter + blue
xin. counter + white
xin. espresso machine + RARE
xin. frappe
xin. grass tray
xin. hippo chocolate
xin. hot chocolate
xin. iced latte
xin. kittea
xin. modern coffee maker
xin. oatmeal breakfast
xin. oatmeal display
xin. pallet table
xin. pull down menu + RARE
xin. tablet register + dark
xin. tablet register + light
xin. water

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Kustom9, The Mens Dept, Oh My Gacha, The Seasons Story, & The Secret Affair.


Fran Hair - elua - (The Seasons Story)

Karl Shades - S O R G O - (K9)

Snowborad Jacket - Cila - (OMG)

Tweed Harem Pants - Amerie - (TMD)

Moccasin Ankle Boots - Shai(K9)

Monday, January 19, 2015


The Chapter Four, Men Only Hunt, The Mens Dept, & The Seasons Story.


Black Tie Hair - Soonsiki(TMD)

Chocolate Splits Freckles - DeeTaleZ - (TCF)

Osiris Tattoo - Bolson - (TMD)

Bird Remains Necklace - AITUI(TMD)

Winter Scarf - dynasty - (MOH)

Lynx Cropped Fur Vest - Wonton - (TMD)

Ribbed Cotton Longsleeve - Wonton - (TMD)

Nikolai Biker Trousers  - Wonton

Boa Slippon Shoes - ASO - (The Seasons Story - Rare Gacha)