Thursday, August 25, 2011


Hi Hi... I just wanted to start off by introducing myself and explaining a little to anyone who reads this what my intentions are for this blog.

My name is Travis Velde and I have been playing Second Life now for approximately 3 years. I tend to be alone a lot and find myself shopping and exploring most the time. I have been told more than once that I should start a blog but I never wanted to do a blog only cause I didn't want it to be only about whats new and hot etc. I like what I like and I wear what I wanna wear, but I get people who ask where I got things. So here I am basically wanting to share with anyone who cares to follow a little bit of what is inside my SL closet :P It will be a mixture of new, old,  free and whatever else you can imagine lol
I do hope that you enjoy this blog and feel free to leave me some suggestions since I'm new and all XOXOXOXOXO, Travis

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