Saturday, January 18, 2014


New @ Eudora 3D, [Bay Harbor], & VCO - Also The Chapter Four, The Dressing Room, Kustom9, & The Mens Dept.

Teal Beanieoyasumi - (The Chapter Four)

Gen Hair - *SH*

Old but Gold Sunglass[Z O O M] - (The Dressing Room)

Miki Phone - VCO - (NEW - Gacha)

Yazzy Boho Bag - Moon}. - (Kustom9 - Gacha)

Black Sweater[Bay Harbor] - (NEW)

Tied Around Waist Sweatshirtflow .(The Mens Dept)

OIII Jeans - =Zenith=(The Mens Dept)

Bugsy Classic Shoes, Mono & Blues EditionEudora 3D - (NEW)

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