Thursday, September 18, 2014


New @ Beusame, DOZZE, The Mens Dept, The Thrift Shop, & Young Spirit.


Deux Hair - Beusame:: - (NEW)

Naked 4th Generation Ears - AITUI

Daggers End Tattoo - Speakeasy ::(Young Spirit)

Mouth Condom - .t13. - (The Thrift Shop - Gacha)

 Journey Bracelet - etham(The Thrift Shop)

Geek University Strung Flag Around Waist - [geek.] - (Young Spirit)

Striped Hugo Polo Shirt - DOZZE - (NEW)

Walker Jeans - [BODY FACTORY](The Thrift Shop)

Creep You Out Shoes - 7mad;Ravens(The Thrift Shop)

Live a Little Pose - Le Poppycock - (TMD)

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