Wednesday, January 21, 2015


The Chapter Four & The Seasons Story.

Cafe Latte Gacha - xin - (The Seasons Story - Gacha)
Includes The Following Items
xin. ca phe sua da
xin. cafe latte sign
xin. cafe stool
xin. cafe syrup jar
xin. cafe table set + RARE
xin. cake slice packaged
xin. chai tea
xin. coffee bean display crate
xin. coffee bean display stand + RARE
xin. coffee bean jars
xin. coffee bean jars w/ frames
xin. coffee cup
xin. coffee grinder
xin. coffee syrups
xin. coffee tray + closed
xin. coffee tray + open
xin. counter + blue
xin. counter + white
xin. espresso machine + RARE
xin. frappe
xin. grass tray
xin. hippo chocolate
xin. hot chocolate
xin. iced latte
xin. kittea
xin. modern coffee maker
xin. oatmeal breakfast
xin. oatmeal display
xin. pallet table
xin. pull down menu + RARE
xin. tablet register + dark
xin. tablet register + light
xin. water

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